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Psion Series 5 - Psion Series 5 related web pages, including programmers pages with software downloads, companies selling Psion Series 5

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Psion Series 5

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Psion Series 5 related web pages, including programmers pages with software downloads, companies selling Psion Series 5 products, and links to many other Psion Series 5 related web pages. A convienent way to group and find Psion Series 5 web pages and information. Any page with Psion Series 5 related content is welcome to be in this ring.

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   My EPOC Pages Preview Go
Wallpapers, my freeware programs, anything related to EPOC I find interesting.
   Mosetti Home Page Preview Go
Psion5 Developer, news, links and programs
   Phil Whiles' Home Page Preview Go
A site dedicated wholly to Series 3 and 5 shareware, freeware, hints and tips.

   Phil Spencer's Psion Homepage Preview Go
Lots of useful programs for the entire SIBO and EPOC range of devices. This site also houses several pages packed full of information about general Psion related themes.
   Peter Csutora's Psion 5 Software Page Preview Go
Shareware and Freeware for the Series 5. Currently available: -Statistics: a must for scientists, doctors, students. - Encrypt-it!: a complete file encryption utility. The only program to password protect your Data and Agenda files! - Moon: a simple uility that displays the current phase of the Moon. More to come!
   PsiFrac for EPOC (and other stuff) Preview Go
Holger Leerhoff's EPOC-programs; PsiFrac and other stuff
   Rolf Schulz Psion Page Preview Go
Some informations about Psion5 PDA.
   Ulrich's Psion Freeware Pages Preview Go
Selfmade Freeware: DMMtr5, a mobile data logger for Digital MultiMeters; MorseIt, a Morse tutor program; Macros für Routeplanner; Power consumption of a Psion 5; IndentOPL (for programmers: automatic formatting of your OPL code); Marslander game; Monster5 (recursive graphic algorithms); Programs for Psion 3a/c/mx
   FinCalc5 Preview Go
FinCalc5 is a shareware financial calculator for the Psion 5. It incorporates a normal calculator's functions with those of a loan and cashflow analysis tool, all within a user-friendly graphical interface.
   The Premier Norwegian Psion Site Preview Go
Has information and links to Psion resources in Norwegian. Also contains a Norwegian FAQ and shows how to connect the Psion 5 to a standard modem

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